Educacion ERL

The ERL Education department was created in 2016, specifically to reorganise the ERL’s training and education programmes into five parallel qualifications for each technical strand – coaching and match officiating (MO):

  • The department’s creation is one of the concrete objectives of the ground-breaking Training and Education Portal project
  • Due to the rapid growth of RL in Europe (the ERL had 6 European affiliates when it was founded in 2003, by 2015 that number had risen to 23), the standards set, monitored and enforced by the ERL are vital to ensuring the integrity of the sport, both on and off the field, the integrity of its member National Federations (NF) and the safety and wellbeing of its participants. ERL Education seeks to implement these standards through its work in the field, disseminated through the ERL’s member nations
  • Registering the core qualifications with the European Qualification Framework, thereby attaining EU recognised competency, is a specific ERL Education objective. By ensuring that the member NFs’ key staff possess EU-approved levels of competency, the legitimacy of their organisations and the work programmes they deliver will be reinforced.

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