ERL Match Official


Completing the Level 1 Match Officials course will qualify participants to officiate games of rugby league in their own country under the supervision of their home nation governing body. The course covers the laws of the game, officiating in practice, making a decision and fitness for purpose.



This is a programme of continued professional development in four categories (consolidate-application-team-observation) which allows match officials to maintain their Level 1 and, upon completion, makes them eligible for the Level 2 qualification.

Consolidate – 6 months: match officials should complete a match-specific analysis module from video clips uploaded by RLEF Education. They must also complete an online laws module

Application – 12 months: match officials should officiate in 3 fixtures, signed off by a local Educator; and complete self-review template, identifying improvement points

Team – 18 months: match officials should officiate a fixture with “live” feedback (can be game uploaded to Technical Portal or assessed in person); apply specific game-related development points

Observation – 24 months: match officials should officiate a fixture with “live” feedback (can be game uploaded to Technical Portal); specific aim is to ensure game-related development points have been addressed


The Level 2 qualification is a three-day course which further enhances the core skills that a match official needs. It will be delivered in the classroom, in the field and on-line making maximum use of contact time with Educators. The focus points include touch judging to Level 2, fitness and nutrition, understanding the mind-set of players; being mentally ready to officiate.


CATO+ allows match officials to maintain their Level 2 qualification and, upon completion, makes them eligible to work towards professional placements. The CATO+ programme is up to 24-months long and works to the same pattern as CATO, with more advanced goal-setting and working with mentors.

  • 6 months: match officials complete the next season, officiating at least 10 games, taking into account what has been previously advised. Feedback via the TP to Educator with self-review
  • 12 months: match officials produce a development plan alongside their Educator detailing how they will progress. Identify strengths and weaknesses and compile materials that highlight how to improve the areas of weakness using a mentor for support and advise
  • 18 months: match officials review 3 other games or performances via the technical portal. Provide feedback through an Educator. Seek to further knowledge by watching his/her own games or other games of rugby league and feeding back issues with the officials. Demonstrate exemplary knowledge of the laws via quizzes. Identify new ways of using TP materials to provide feedback to others
  • 24 months: match officials provide a full 3 games/sessions of observations on film supported by their own notes and reviews to an Educator. Work with them to agree targeted areas in either performance. Devise a plan to take these points to the next level, and complete a knowledge quiz via the Portal specific to either Educator or match official to demonstrate that the various CPD actions have been understood

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